Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (PPS) is a biotechnology company with Canadian and US facilities dedicated to the principle of manufacturing pharmaceuticals derived from harvestable plants grown in biosecure GMP production facilities. This core business activity is organized under the operational title BioPharm Division

Current projects include:

  • GMP growing and processing of medically valuable whole plant components for controlled substances under QA/QC guidance
  • Biosecure production of mutagenized plants for development of unique genetic lines for commercialization
  • Genetic transformation for tissue specific expression of pharmaceutical biologicals, requiring possible eukaryotic post-translational modification

GreenhouseOur current projects are managed in Biosecure growth chambers in three locations, two in Canada and a fully owned large operation in Michigan, USA. Having effective environmental isolation from influences such as day length, allows for multi-cropping in chambers, constant monitoring and feedback control conditions for optimal growth. Advances in electronic control systems have been implemented to provide consistency for a number of environmental parameters, such as, light quality and relative humidity. These systems also provide for constant harvest production events, data logging, and reporting. Biologicals can be produced within the Company’s two platforms or on a contract growing basis.

The Company also has two other divisions which include BioProducts, which manages the micropropagation for a wide range of plants and the Environment Division, responsible for phytoremediation, revegetation, and reclamation projects of disturbed industrial sites.

Our customers recognize the value PPS brings to new projects and challenges especially given the Company’s 21-year history in research, development, project management and commercialization. Prairie Plant Systems Inc. is a provider of innovative state-of-the-art and cost effective plant based solutions for challenges facing emerging markets. Our employees pride themselves on their ability to address plant biotechnology related challenges and new technology and development.

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Bio Products

PPS specializes in the production of Prairie hardy fruit trees and seed potatoes. Use the arrow buttons below to scroll and click an image to learn more.

Prairie Plant Systems incorporates innovative expertise and new plant biotechnologies into deliverable plant-based systems for biopharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental market applications.